Global Networking Specialist, Robyn Henderson has authored and contributed to more than 30 books on networking, business development and self esteem building. Well known as a professional speaker and networking expert for the last 20 years, she has spoken in 12 countries, presents over 130 times each year and never advertises. All her work comes from networking, referrals and her website www.networkingtowin.com.au Robyn has written and contributed to more than 30 books on networking, business development and self esteem building.

Robyn has an extensive range of books, ebooks, special reports, DVDs, MP3s, CDs and workbooks and is recognised within her peers, for being a speaker who walks her talks. And for her willingness to share the good and the bad and encourages people to make different mistakes from the ones she has made and openly shares with her audiences.

Robyn wrote and self published her first book – Networking for $uccess in 1992 and credits much of her networking profile to books, articles, ebooks etc she has written in the last 20 years. She secured the Australian rights to publish the international best seller Masters of Networking in the late '90s and went on to develop her own compilation author book model before assisting more than 200 writers to become published authors through her program – 3 ways to write and self publish a non-fiction book.

In 2003 Robyn relocated to the far north coast of NSW, where she created Sea Change Publishing – where she assists people to work through the self publishing book writing model and get there books to market within 4-6 weeks, once there writing is complete.

Working with her ground breaking Information Empire Model – which includes over 200 potential streams of income once you have written or spoken 500 words – she has kick started many resources and product ranges for speakers, authors and industry experts. Robyn also project manages first time non-fiction authors keen to self publish and get their books to the marketplace within 30 days of completing their book writing. And her mantra is – let's pretend there are no bookshops – how will you sell your books? And what else can we do with all those words – and off she goes with an entire product range based around that book content?

The book publishing landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, Robyn has not published a book for 2 years as she has carefully monitored the shift from hard copy book to ebook to epub formats plus of course the hungry social media arena and endless appetite for the written word. She firmly believes if you are not using the written word as part of your marketing plan, you are missing a huge market opportunity.

In 2010 Robyn also introduced speed mentoring sessions where she spends 1-2 hours in a one on one or mini brainstorming session answering your specific questions about writing, publishing, speaking, product development, profile building – whatever she knows that will assist you to successfully make your next career move.

She is excited about her latest program – Writing for Busy People – and looks forward to converting your wisdom to the written word in 2011.

"How do you find time to write so much stuff, Robyn?" is a question Robyn hears regularly. She knows there is no one-word answer for that question? Robyn has created many models to get people started in the writing world – and believes one you have a workable model to fit your lifestyle and profile goals – the rest is easy. And today – she has a network or service providers, who can even write it for you – and models to extract the information from you – easily, effortlessly and affordably.

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